The New Synthetic Diamonds

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    Aron Weingarten brings the yellow diamond up to the stainless steel jeweler's loupe he holds against his eye. We are in Antwerp, Belgium, in Weingarten's marbled and gilded living room on the edge of the city's gem district, the center of the diamond universe. Nearly 80 percent of the world's rough and polished diamonds move through the hands of Belgian gem traders like Weingarten, a dealer who wears the thick beard and black suit of the Hasidim.

    "This is very rare stone," he says, almost to himself, in thickly accented English. "Yellow diamonds of this color are very hard to find. It is probably worth 10, maybe 15 thousand dollars."

    "I have two more exactly like it in my pocket," I tell him.

    He puts the diamond down and looks at me seriously for the first time. I place the other two stones on the table. They are all the same color and size. To find three nearly identical yellow diamonds is like flipping a coin 10,000 times and never seeing tails.

    "These are cubic zirconium?" Weingarten says without much hope.

    "No, they're real," I tell him. "But they were made by a machine in Florida for less than a hundred dollars."
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    Wow, very interesting.
    It's good to see that someone may come out and challenge DeBeers, who is possibly one of the most corrupt and morally challenged companies in the world.

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