The Masters

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snazz, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Snazz

    Snazz Regular Member

    The Masters starts today and I got to say it is one of my favorite sports events of the year. I'm not a huge golf fan although I will watch it. The Masters just makes me feel as though spring is finally here. Watching it with the beautiful fairways and amazing colors of all the flowers and hearing the birds chirpping in the background. I just get a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. One day I would love to just walk around the golf course (no need to play) it just looks like such a beautiful place.

    P.S. Go Phil.
  2. Mark

    Mark Regular Member

    I will be watching this weekend.

    I am also a Phil fan (I root for all left-handed players).

    But its hard to go against the Striped One.
  3. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    Phil Flash is playing in the Masters? :confused:

    I have actually played a round on that course, used to be friends with a guy that was dating one of the head grounds keepers daughter. And it is lovely.
  4. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    Lets crash it.

    Have you told me you play golf before, Brian?

    We need to get to MB to play.
  5. Mark

    Mark Regular Member

    oooh - I wanna go to myrtle beach to play.

    I went a few years ago and played twice. Once on a course whose name I can't recall, but it was hard as fudge. the other on a course affiliated with the hotel we were staying at -- the Wyndham
  6. Snazz

    Snazz Regular Member

    I don't play golf but I'm willing to drive the cart around. As long as it's well stocked with beer.
  7. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    I am up for a meet up in MB aytime the weather is good. But I really don't play anymore. I played years ago and stopped hanging out with the people I lived with. I honestly haven't icked up a club in probably 3 years, I might not even be able to find mine. :shifty:

    I'd still go though, I'd just suck. :p
  8. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    That's You, Mark, and myself. We need a fourth.
    I would bring the wifey, But I know you all would hate losing to her as much as I do.
  9. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    Eh, that's okay winner buys dinner I always say. :p
  10. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    Or cooks it..

  11. Mark

    Mark Regular Member


    I'm sure its far more humiliating for you than it would be us :p

    I'm secure -- I suck and I know it. :lol:

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