Religious group puts 'Daniel' in lions' den

Discussion in 'Entertainment Discussion' started by Ron Burgundy, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Ron Burgundy

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    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - A conservative watchdog group is taking issue with NBC about its upcoming midseason series "The Book of Daniel" for its risqué depiction of a fictional Christian community.


    Religious group puts 'Daniel' in lions' den
  2. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    I am sure this is exactly the reaction NBC wants.
  3. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    They are High fiving :blink: in the boardroom as we speak.
  4. Mark

    Mark Regular Member

    how much do you want to bet that that asswipe Wildmon has not even seen an actual show?

    I hate people who protest these things and then concede that they've not actually viewed the thing in question. Zealots suck.
  5. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    Anybody else watch?
  6. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    nope how was it?
  7. Newk

    Newk Regular Member

    It was ok, I think the stuff the family of the preacher and what he did himself was worse than th fact he talked to Jesus.

    Daughter_drug dealer
    preacher-Hooked on pain killer
    and so on and so on..

    Jesus was funny..I always had a feeling.
  8. Eison

    Eison Regular Member

    With a father like his, wouldn't you have to have a sense of humor?

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