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Discussion in 'On the Home Front' started by Mahala, Nov 19, 2001.

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    Why can't they be banned? Why is it necessary to begin the week with such absolute torture??

    I've been off sick for a week and today was my first day back at work. All I needed was to be there nice and early to catch up on a few things so I would know what was going on ....

    I slept in. The kitten tried to eat my clothes. When she stopped, I found that my clothes were still wet despite being on the radiators since yesterday evening. Then she tried to climb up my bare legs while I was ironing my trousers. I couldn't find my house keys. Then I couldn't find my car keys. Then the kitten ran off with my watch. When I located that I'd lost my school keys. :mad:

    Left home 15 minutes after the latest time I should have been at work if I was to have any chance of knowing what was going on when I got there.

    Then there were roadworks at the end of my street and they'd blocked it off. 3 point turn and down to the next street. Same again. Down to the next street. Same again. :furious:
    Finally onto the dual carriageway with no right turn, so I had to drive to the Magic Roundabout (nightmare affair with 5 mini roundabouts all around one large island which you drive around the wrong way - steer clear of it if you're ever in the area.). It was blocked up with traffic. Finally get to one of the roundabouts and do a U turn, much to the annoyance of almost everybody (it's allowed, so don't start).

    Now the lights are on red. Someone has pressed the button for the pedestrian crossing and walked off, so I'm sitting waiting for no good reason. Now I'm late for briefing.

    Finally get on my way and a waste collection truck pulls out in front of me. So now I'm stuck behind a slow, stinking truck on a hill on a Monday morning in rush hour. Perfect. :ticked:

    *Finally* get to school. There are no parking spaces.

    Eventually get parked and walk into school at 9am. School started for the kids 10 minutes ago. School started for me half an hour ago. By now, I should have attended briefing, checked the cover list, had a coffee, caught up on the gossip from while I was away, sorted through my pigeon hole, taken the register, read the bulletin and checked uniform. I should, at 9am, be starting to check that homework diaries have been signed by parents.

    Instead, I see the Deputy Head, looking very p*ssed off, letting my tutor group into my room about to start the register.

    Ooooooooooops! :uhoh:

    I mutter an apology and am greeted with "Miss you're back!! Yeay!!" . This lasts all of about 5 seconds before someone hands me the 21 !!!!! conduct slips my tutor group have managed to collect in the week I've been absent.

    *sigh* Why can they only behanve when I'm actually in school, even though they don't see me for most of that time? Why, when they don't see me for those 20 mins a day, do they suddently start forgetting homework and books, chewing class, shouting out, being silly, hitting people, and generally being annoying? :bonk:

    Mondays ...... don't you just love them?
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    Not much I can say here apart from:

  3. Mahala

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    Oh, it got worse ....

    Apart from spending the morning sorting out my tutor group and posting on soup and putting together resources for my exam class, I had nothing to do - no classes to teach until last lesson today.

    I made some phone calls and arrnaged to pick up a tree (!) which has been donated to my Amnesty International group. Easy.

    I got lost. Big style. And whilst getting lost I went through a red light which I didn't see. And I got cut up on the roundabout. And I made it to the centre with 20 minutes left before my next class. it had taken me 35 minutes to get there!

    I raced back to school, got back in time for my next class, only to find out that I had been put on the cover list for last lesson and I hadn't been there. Major oooops :uhoh: The headmaster took the class for me. (I'm so not like this normally at school. I'm good at my job. Really)

    Then after the last class, I had to get 2 students to come and help me carry a 7 foot maple tree from my car to my classroom. it wasn't easy.

    Now I want a vodka and some chocolate. And a lie down.
  4. Prox

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    Man, that sucks. Hope tomarrow gets better. :beer:
  5. Mahala

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    Ahh, but now I'm home (after giving a lift home to a student who was put on detention by somebody else. She lived in an area of the town I didn't even know existed! Am I even insured for this????).

    For once my kitten didn't run out into the hallway, but waited for me in the flat when I opened the door. Then when I sat down she came up to me and jumped on my knee and curled up, purring..... :kitty:

    Heaven :sun:
  6. Alyth

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    Awww! I'm so sorry your monday started so badly :hug:, but at least it ended on such a sweet kitty note. I believe that no matter how bad a day can be, having someone at home like a pet to love you no matter what problems you are having is the best thing in the world! I love coming home from a bad day and seeing two sweet faces and wagging tails just dying to greet me and give me doggy kisses! It brightens up my day always!

    I even remember when I had my three kittens, they were just the nicest things to cuddle up with. They would curl up around my neck when I laid down and took a nap. I don't have them now but my dogs do the same thing ('cept they don't fit around my neck), but their heads do fit well in my lap or on my tummy.
    :kitty: :doggy:

    I hope the rest of the week turns out better for you!! :D

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