Marianos coming to Oak Lawn

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  1. wewsrw

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    As reported in todays Southtown.

    111th & Cicero

    Opening 4th quarter 2014

    An upscale grocery store will anchor the redevelopment of an Oak Lawn retail center that formerly housed a Kmart and a Dominick’s Finer Foods.
    Mariano’s Fresh Market has reached a lease agreement with the village, Mayor Dave Heilmann confirmed at Tuesday’s village board meeting.

    The 70,000 sq. ft. store will be located on the north end of the retail center at the northwest corner of 111th Street and Cicero Avenue.
    “This is a terrific store for the village of Oak Lawn,†Heilmann said. “This is something that fills a need.â€
    Heilmann said Mariano’s will help the village secure other tenants for the site, including upscale retailers and restaurants.
    “What any other prospective retailer wants to know is, ‘What’s there,’†Heilmann said. “Development is a hard process.â€

    Village manager Larry Deetjen said that having Mariano’s as an anchor will help to draw other tenants to the project, to be called Stony Creek Promenade.
    Mariano’s has locations in Chicago and the northwest suburbs. It is expected to open a store in Frankfort on March 5. Mariano’s hopes to open in Oak Lawn sometime during the fourth quarter of 2014.
    Mariano’s is owned by Milwaukee-based Roundy’s Supermarkets, which operates four other supermarket chains in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The store’s chairman, Bob Mariano, previously served as CEO of Dominick’s.
    The store will feature an Italian coffee shop, sushi bar, wine and cheese bar, salad bar and prepare meals to take home. The grocer will employ about 400 people, Heilmann said.

    Demolition work on the vacant Kmart and Dominick’s buildings is nearly complete.

    Oak Lawn has hired Hamilton Partners to redevelop the site. The company has built several retail properties around the Chicago area, including Ravinia Plaza in Orland Park.
    Deetjen has said that the proposed development won’t be a typical strip mall perched at the edge of an expanse of asphalt but will incorporate “pedestrian linkage†to the nearby Wolfe Wildlife Refuge operated by the village’s park district, as well as “public spaces†interspersed throughout the development.

    The village announced a year ago the settlement of a years-long legal battle with Sears Holdings Corp., the parent of Kmart, which closed its store at 111th and Cicero last year. Filed in 2006, the lawsuit accused Oak Lawn officials of exaggerating blight conditions at the property when it formed a special taxing district that included the Kmart store.

    Previously, the village bought about 23 acres of the 40-acre property from J.C. Penney, which at one time operated a Treasury store at the location.
  2. FrugalSandy

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    I just read this article. DH worked at the Oak Lawn Harley Davidson dealership until it was sold in 2010. (The building was just demolished and there was still a huge pile of rubble there yesterday.) We will be interested to see how this "high-end" mall succeeds (or not). We were actually very surprised to read that Mariano's will be the first anchor store (and quite large at that - 70,000 sq. ft.). I still have my doubts about the demographics of the area and the grandiose plans the village has.
  3. Fuzzysox

    Fuzzysox Regular Member

    So the Village of Oak Lawn actually owns the land and is developing the space correct?

    I question the longevity of people's love of Mariano's. From reading their FB page people complained about them selling milk past the expiration date, etc. When we had a Dom's in our neighborhood that changed to a livestyle store, the prices shot up and they closed their doors because people around here are value driven and refused to pay such high prices for the same food you can get elsewhere for less. The new Target that opened across the street quickly picked up plenty of Dom's old customers.

    Last year when the Aldi's opened people flocked it it like crazy because they have affordable prices on milk and eggs. I don't see how a Mariano's can compete with those prices on an every day basis??
  4. focadima

    focadima Regular Member

    I also question the demographics with their plans..But heck I am happy about the Mariano's!- Not sure if it will make it there--BUT the Dominicks at 115th and Kedzie --kinda sorta that same general area does well with all their specialty areas..

    when I read Oak Lawn I for sure thought 95th--so happy at the location.
  5. FrugalSandy

    FrugalSandy Regular Member

    Yes. But they don't own all of the land, yet. From what I understand all of the other stores still standing (Flap Jacks, the transmission shop, and that small strip mall) are in active negotiations with the village. It is a matter of time either until their leases run out, they negotiate, or the village employs eminent domain at which time all of the buildings will be demolished.
  6. Marge

    Marge Regular Member

    EH...for however long they are open...they are pretty and another store to walk and get coupons, wts, etc...

    and they do have many good, cherry pick and troll for coupons in a pretty enviroment and if they don't make it, you lost nothing
  7. jstonecliffe

    jstonecliffe Regular Member

    I LOVE Marianos; I totally agree that you have to cherry pick the products, but twice I have had cs issues and been more than satisfied-
    #1 bought chicken breast that didn't make it into my cart/car; went back with receipt and was told to just get whatever chicken I wanted...
    #2 they lost the order for DS4 bday cake the day before his party, made one on the spot and no charge...very happy with that!!
  8. new2q

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    there is also a Marianos coming to Frankfort (La Grange & Lincoln hwy)
  9. FrugalSandy

    FrugalSandy Regular Member

    I should have explained myself. I was talking not only about Mariano's specifically but the entire project in general. DH and I attended many of the TIF meetings at the Oak Lawn Village Hall. The board members have their sights set on turning that entire corner area into "an upscale mall like Oak Brook." Their words in parenthesis, not mine. The meetings we attended were packed with not only people who live in Oak Lawn but also from surrounding communities like DH and I. (We live just north of Oak Lawn.) No one wants this "type" of mall and the demographics certainly don't support it - especially since the recession. (These plans have been going on prior to 2008.) While I applaud their "vision", I question their practicality. The Oak Lawn Board took a beating on a previous project that everyone still talks about. The metra station was completely revamped on 95th St. - in conjunction with a 95th Street beautification project (new stores, new restaurants, more parking, and a parking tower for the train station). Condos were built in several complexes on 95th (or just off of). The Board thought they were going to make a killing because it seemed as if the condos would fill a void. Well, many of them are still vacant. If I remember correctly the condos came on the market just when the market went soft. Even though prices were dramatically slashed, many of them are still vacant. Bonds were floated to finance the project and the taxpayers are left holding the bag.

    A substantial proportion of the population in that area (111th & Cicero) are elderly and did not want to see Kmart eliminated. (Many of them could walk there and they had a pharmacy.) So, yes I intend to shop there but I question the motives of the Board who apparently are not working for their constituents.
  10. Marge

    Marge Regular Member

    You are right. I misunderstood the concern.
  11. Lotsacoups

    Lotsacoups I have ongoing problems with my PMS

    I can't wait for that parcel of land to be developed. That Kmart was old and decrepit and had to go. 111 Cicero is such a visible area and needs sprucing up in a major way.hope they put in some nice restaurants too. Labriola is in Oak Brook and its funny because they are out of Alsip, so why can't we have the restaurant too ? I applaud them for dreaming big. T
  12. teenie1

    teenie1 Regular Member

    I love Mariano's. They came to our town about a year ago. Prices are great, especially on produce. I've never seen past-due milk like I used to at Dominick's, everything has had a good shelf life. If you shop fresh, they have a lot to offer.
  13. Fuzzysox

    Fuzzysox Regular Member

    We will see when it opens. Not happy about the deal that was struck since it's going to cost us money for a store we don't need or want. Too many shady things happened for me to have any love for it yet.
  14. chgobob33

    chgobob33 Regular Member

    They seem to be opening all over here on the north side in the city. Very close to each other, I'd almost say too close like only 2 miles from each other. They have one at western/roscoe, building one at ashland/webster, another at ravenswood/lawrence. Also the stalled plan for one at the old dominicks site at broadway and wellington.

    Plus I just saw they have a west loop store halsted/madison and a south loop store. They are really gonna hurt Jewel and what Dominicks are still around.

    I've only been in one once seemed nice enough but not real cheap in general. Seems like too many stores but time will tell.
  15. FrugalSandy

    FrugalSandy Regular Member

    My purpose wasn't to be right but to explain that there's more to this story than just a new Mariano's opening. Since people outside of our community (and many people who live in our community) aren't aware of what's been going on I thought I would give a little background information.

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